Little Treasons by Jack Canfora. January 22, 2018.
Jessie and Jason are considering the prospect of moving in together and taking their relationship to another level, even though Jessie's ex-husband Stephen recently killed himself. That is, until Nicole--Stephen's first wife--shows up at their door and makes some serious claims against Jessie.

Memoirs of a Forgotten Man by D.W. Gregory. March 12, 2018.
A Soviet journalist with the gift of total recall. A psychologist seeking to rehabilitate herself. A government censor with a secret past. Over two decades, their fates become entwined as victims and collaborators in Stalin's campaign to rewrite public memory. Long before 'fake news' was an Internet meme, it was called propaganda. And in the Soviet Union, circa 1938, it was the grease that kept Stalin's machinery of terror in motion. The play takes us to that world, where justice is arbitrary and freedom, as we think of it, does not exist.

Life On My Knees by William Missouri Downs. March 19, 2018.
A PhD in English lit isn't worth much - just ask Dr. Helen Hand. Desperate for a job, she drunkenly agrees to teach at a conservative bible college in the-middle-of-nowhere Kansas. The problem - she's a skeptic, a liberal and gluten intolerant. She enters a world of rigid moral rules: no smoking, no alcohol, no doubting. Working undercover she sets out to enlighten the fundamentalist students, but it quickly goes to hell. This small cast comedy looks at our need for faith and reason.